Oduduwa Republic: Southwest groups reject call for secession

The Muslims of the Southwest of Nigeria (MUSWEN) and the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria in Lagos have distanced themselves from the call for secession by some southwest groups. There has been an agitation for what some top socio-political bodies have termed the Oduduwa Republic in Lagos and some southwest sub-regions. Reacting to this drive, MUSWEN said it can only be involved in dialogues that will bring about a peaceful resolution of pending national issues.

In MUSWEN’s opinion, there are better options for righting any perceived wrong than the call for the triumph of sectionalism. Stakeholders of Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria in a meeting (Photo credit: The Eagle Online) Source: UGC The group in a statement said: “From all indications, the timing, method and modality of the alleged proposal of ‘Oduduwa Republic’ (if it is true), is tendentiously suspicious especially when virtually all the proponents of that idea are from a particular religion. “Such a move only has the tendency to give an impression that a hidden agenda to establish a theocratic republic, in Yoruba land, with the aim of engendering an unwarranted sectarian war against adherents of a perceived discordant faith, is in the front burner, awaiting execution at an unpredictable cost.”

On his part, the president of Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) in the state, Miftahudeen Thanni, decried the call for secession and the Oduduwa Republic. Thanni said: “We are not ready to lose our members and there is no joy embarking on a killer mission. The agitators should please stop it and find another means to enrich themselves.

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