School Resumption: List Of State Resuming Today(Monday 21st Of September 2020)

Because of the infection that Affected the nation, The Federal Government of Nigeria secured schools, as a method of diminishing the wide spread of the infection. 

Recently, The Federal Government gave state governments and school administrator across the country the chance to pick when schools will resume in their different states. What this infers is that it is left for the different state lead representatives to report the date for school resumption in their different states. 


The Government of the above state had before made it known to the information on the public that SSS 2 student and JSS 3 student going to schools inside the state are required to continue (today) 21st September, 2020. 

Private primary and private secondary classes are expected to reopen also on the date mentioned earlier excluding all pre-primary classes in both private schools and public schools.


An announcement coming from the governor’s office ealier who is Dapo Abiodun states: “On 21st September, 2020, all schools, primary, secondary, technical, vocational and tertiary can reopen for the 1st term of the academic session 2020/2021.

An automatic promotion had before been declared by the Government of the state to the next class for secondary schools and primary schools in the state. 

Although, a promotional exams by the primary 6 and JSS 3 students would still be observed.  

Tertiary institutions are to be determined by their concerned management.

All safety protocols are expected by the students, school authorities and concerned bodies to be observed and duly followed. 


The beginning of academic session 2020/2021 for secondary schools and primary schools within and contained in Oyo State has been directed by the Government of the state to be 21st September, 2020 as it was earlier made known to the public at large by them. 

“Oyo Govt. Releases Calender For School Resumption” was the title of the press statement which made it known to the public by the Commissioner for Education, Science, and Technology (Olasunkanmi Olaleye) of the state.


The Government earlier approved 21st September, 2020 as the date for re-opening of all Schools contained in the state. 

The Commissioner further referenced that the date is intended for the resumption of the first term in the 2020/2021 academic session, in this way, schools charges implied for third term has been cancelled, so far, the term have also been cancelled excluding JSS 3 and SSS 3 .


It was earlier made known to the public at large by the Ekiti State Governor (Kayode Fayemi) that secondary and primary schools inside the state resumption will occur on the 21st September, 2020, consequently, finishing the Closure which is months old brought about by the deadly virus, Covid-19 or Corona Virus as it is called. 

Governor Fayemi through a state-wide broadcast made it known to the public’s knowledge that higher(tertiary) institutions inside the state will likewise return and resume following due procedure to prevent the widespread of the virus on the second October, 2020.

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